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Access Statement for The Angel and Royal Hotel, Grantham


The Angel and Royal Hotel is a 31 Bedroom Hotel, on 3 floors with access to all via a main staircase. The reception area is on one level in which both the Bistro, lounge, toilets are situated. The restaurant is on the 1st floor and this is accessed by the staircase, however the option of the Bistro dining area is available should the access to the restaurant be limited by the staircase access. The hotel has a combination of room types including Singles with walk in shower rooms or shower over bath. 3 double rooms are situated on the ground floor specifically designed for limited access which includes a wet room and accessible bathroom facilities. Doubles are spread over the first, second, and third floor.

The car park is situated at the rear of the hotel and can hold over 80 cars, and is easily accessible from the hotel.

We have 24 hour reception cover therefore the hotel is safe and secure at all times. Any Guests staying with visible difficulties with walking, sleeping, breathing or visual impairment or any other medical issue that is reported to reception is relayed to the Night team to pay extra attention in case of an emergency.


• The hotel provides confirmation in the forms of letters, emails, faxes and asks the guests for their preference method at the booking stage.
• The font used is Tahoma size 12 which is a clear true font and is large set writing that does not blur when magnified.
• Menus are printed on A4 white paper which sits in an A4 menu holder.

• The access statement is available in a word document format that can be enlarged on the website as an attachment but a copy is also at reception
• All confirmation letters give directions to the hotel, no matter what format as like to our website so a site map can be obtained.
• We are situated in Grantham town centre; car parking is available all over Grantham on a flat level and is clearly sign posted.
• The website font can be enlarged

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

• There are over 80 spaces to the rear of the hotel which is situated directly behind the hotel with a narrow one way road between the car park entrance and the hotel rear entrance. With prior notification a reserved area can be made available.

There is no parking facility at the main front entrance to the hotel as this is on the main High Street opposite a busy three way traffic junction.

• We can assist guests with luggage to and from their cars.
• The car park has a tarmac surface and is level with the front entrance to the hotel being paved with no steps. It is lit at night and is approx. 40 metres to the reception area.

Main Entrance, Reception & Ticketing Area

• Access to the hotel from both the rear and front of the hotel is even and on the same level.
• There is one step to the reception area for the guest to deal with, however there is also a slip ramp. Public areas are on one level otherwise there is a one step access with ramp to the main bar opposite the reception entrance

• Assistance is always offered by the reception on check in
• Music can be turned down on request in the public areas
• Writing apparatus is available at reception if you require it
• Lighting varies within reception with floor lighters, high lighters and lamps
• Reception will offer additional keys on request
• Seating is available in the reception area and at the reception desk for guests to check in whilst sitting down at the desk
• Reception familiarize guests to the facilities on offer, offer assistance with luggage and also take guests to their rooms.
• Reception entrance is two part split part glass front doors that can open inwards, lit by outside lamps... The signage is in colour, large print and in contrasting surround.
• The flooring of the reception area is carpeted at the entrance surrounded by white skirting boards
• Reception is manned 24 hours and the doors are only locked when the night porter is on his security rounds, there is a sign put up to explain that a bell is in use at this time. Guests are informed of this on check in.
• Reception desk is low, made of solid light coloured wood. The flooring remains level throughout.
• The reception area is approx. 8 metres by 10 metres which incorporates the lounge area with doors which are always open to the Bistro, and access to the toilets

Public Areas - Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc

• All public areas and corridors are carpeted in a patterned carpet with white skirting boards and dado rails with pale coloured walls. The lighting is varied with table lamps, ceiling lights on the corridor which ensure there are no dark spots. The corridors are wide enough to take a wheelchair and are approx. 1 metre wide.

Public Areas - Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

• All public areas and corridors are carpeted in a dark carpet with white skirting boards and dado rails with pale coloured walls. The lighting is varied with table lamps, ceiling lights and tube lighting on the corridor which ensure there are no dark spots. The corridors are wide enough to take a wheelchair and are approx. 1 metre wide.

Public WCs

• The toilets are on the ground floor about 4 metres from the main reception on the same level, which is carpeted and clearly lit. There are male and female toilets, with no facilities for adult changing. The flooring is wall to wall poly flooring and the size of the cubicle is 3 metres by 1 metre - approximately.
• The door opens inwards with a single paneled door with a handle lock.

Restaurant / Dining Room, Bar & Bar area, Take Away & Cafe

• Lighting is provided in the bar with ceiling lights and natural light in the day time.
• The restaurant on the first floor has carpeted floor.

The Bistro on the ground floor has a wooden floor.
The chairs are made of leatherette and the tables are light wood with a central column. Some chairs have arms and all are stable
• Menus are in a large font but a
magnifying sheet is also available, menus have a large variety of food items with a chef on call to assist with specific dietary requests.
• The restaurant is all on one level but is accessed by staircase to the first floor.

• The restaurant is waitress served with assistance offered if the guest can not get up to assist themselves at breakfast
• There are no toilets on this floor but directions are given to the nearest one.

The Bistro on the ground floor provides for easy access for dining facilities.

Leisure Facilities

• There are no leisure facilities on site that belong to the Hotel.

Bedrooms & Sleeping Areas

• There is one room suitable for wheelchair users - information is passed on to each shift if there are any access issues with guests so in the event of an incident the guest will be contacted directly to their room and the fire brigade/police immediately notified.

• Bedrooms have the following:
• Armchairs, fully carpeted bedroom, natural lighting, low beds, bed side lamps low drawers and storage at low level.
. There is space at either side of the bed so the guest can enter the bed from a wheel chair.
• The Bedroom is on the ground floor with access directly from outside and has a light carpet with pale coloured walls.
• The flooring is level.
• The kettle in the room is cordless with a measure on the side to say if the kettle is full or empty
• Room service is available all day with a full menu from 7am to 11pm
• Reception can assist with any dietary requirement or allergies if informed by the guest. We have a chef on call to assist with menus.
• We have a selection of foam pillows to substitute to feathered ones as standard.
• We accept guide dogs on to the premises with prior notice

Bathroom, Shower-room & WC [Ensuite or Shared]

• All bedrooms have ensuite facilities - some have walk in shower rooms the others shower over baths
• The accessible room has a wet room with grab handles, , non slip flooring, shower curtains.

• Approx. Size 2 metres by 3 meters
• The door is a wood with a handle that locks
• The shower is adjustable to a standing person and one in a sitting position which runs off mixer taps that are with flat handles.
• The basin is white in colour lower level with separate taps with colour indicators.
• The toilet is lower with space to one side for the guest to hoist themselves on to it.

Additional Information

• The staff are all trained on the evacuation procedures these are also on the back of each bedroom door and in the guest information folder.
• If a guest is staying and needs assistance the staff are made aware and will deal with this guest until the emergency service arrive.

• The hotel accepts guide dogs with prior notice and operated a non smoking policy throughout the hotel.
• There are telephones in each bedroom but all mobile networks work in the hotel.

Address: The Angel |and Royal Hotel
High Street

NG31 6PN

Telephone: 01476 565816


Hours of operation: 24 hours of operation

Emergency number: 999

Future Plans

• Conversion of storage into more bedrooms.

Contact Telephone and Email Address

We welcome your feedback to help us continually improve if you have any comments please phone 01476 565816 or email -