The Angel and Royal, reputedly the oldest inn on England has been offering fine hospitality for over 800 years, situated on Grantham High Street

Grantham is surrounded by the stunning vale of Belvoir with great country walks and Castles and stately homes to visit

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History of the Hotel

The Angel has a rich history, which is summerised on our history board and feature wall in the main Hotel Reception, if you’d like to know a little more let us know and we’ll organize a short tour for you.

A small taster of some of the juicy facts about the hotel throughout the years..


The Sheriff of Lincolnshire seized the Inn from the Knight's Templar on the 17th of January 1308 in accordance with the writ issued by Edward II on 15th December 1307. The dissolution of the order had been decreed on Friday 13th October 1307 by King Philippe of France.

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